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Notebook Confessions
Girlsway | ArtNr.: girlsway135

Beschreibung Kenzie Reeves is watching TV when she hears something upstairs. It sounds like her stepsister, Riley Anne, is crying. Riley explains that she never ended up having sex with her boyfriend. Kenzie comforts her stepsister and offers to show her what lesbian fornication feels like. Adria Rae, Chloe Cherry and Lily Love are looking sexy as hell lounging out in the living room. With nothing to do, they decide to have fun with some good old-fashioned Truth or Dare. Cadey Mercury asks her roommate Kenzie what she's studying for with Gina Valentina. What Cadey doesn't notice is that Kenzie is checking her out and is playing hard to get. Later that day, Gina and Kenzie are in the living room attempting to study as they flirt with each other and make a plan to seduce Cadey. Kristen Scott is in the school library writing in her diary, expressing her love for Elsa Jean through poetry. The girls collide into each other dropping all their school books in the process. Elsa opens it up she sees the poems that were written about her.
Titel Notebook Confessions
Studio Girlsway
Kategorie Girl/Girl, Gonzo, Teens
Darsteller Kenzie Reeves, Riley Anne, Adria Rae, Chloe Cherry, Lily Love, Cadey Mercury, Gina Valentina, Kristen Scott, Elsa Jean
Regie Stills By Alan
Laufzeit (Min.) 158
Sprache Englisch
Bonusmaterial Photo Galleries
Anzahl Discs 1
Versandfertig in 3 - 4 Wochen
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