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Public Disgrace: Bad Attitude
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Public Disgrace: Bad Attitude

Beschreibung Ashli Ames has a bad attitude. She walks in thinking she's some kind of princess or something, smiling, laughing, talking back. Sometimes you just can't work with girls like that, and sometimes you HAVE to work with them! In the latter case you tie them up tight, slap the shit out of them, and fuck them senseless. When they back talk you play them with bondage until they apologize, cum on the floor, make them lick it up, and send them on their merry little way, slightly less bitchy than when they walked in the door!
Titel Public Disgrace: Bad Attitude
Studio Kink.com
Kategorie Gonzo, Domination, Public Sex
Darsteller Ashli Ames
Laufzeit (Min.) 75
Sprache Englisch
Bonusmaterial Slideshows
Anzahl Discs 1
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