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The Breast Doctor Around
Girlsway | ArtNr.: girlsway145

Beschreibung Angela White's enormous natural boobs interfere with her life. She has trouble fitting into clothes, playing sports, and her back always hurts. At her doctor Carter Cruise's request, she releases her tits for inspection. Plastic surgeon Dr. Blair Williams prepare Gia Paige's body for liposuction. Blair recommends augmenting her ass for a Brazilian butt, and a boob job to give Gia's breasts a more womanly appearance. Shyla Jennings answers an ad for a research study on the physiological effects of exposure to lesbian pornography. Shyla meets Dr. Serena Blair and assistant Melissa Moore. They instruct Shyla to remove her panties and return to watching lesbian porn. Her doctors seduce her into a lesbian threesome, and she forgets it was all a test to being with!
Titel The Breast Doctor Around
Studio Girlsway
Kategorie Girl/Girl, Gonzo
Darsteller Angela White, Carter Cruise, Gia Paige, Blair Williams, Shyla Jennings, Serena Blair, Melissa Moore
Regie Stills By Alan
Laufzeit (Min.) 120
Sprache Englisch
Bonusmaterial Photo Galleries
Anzahl Discs 1
Versandfertig in 3 - 4 Wochen
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