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Hogtied: She Is Back To Suffer For The Pope
Kink.com | ArtNr.: kink542

Beschreibung Roxanne is one of the top slaves around here and The Pope loves to use her as much as he can. She is tough as hell and loves to suffer at his sadistic hand. We begin with her in a predicament tie that has her hands behind her back and pulled high into a strappado. Her legs are bound in a lotus position and it's clear this slut isn't going anywhere. Now that she is helpless the torment begins with extreme breath control, face slapping, and to finish nipple clamps tied to her toes.The fear the takes over Roxanne as The Pope controls every breath she takes, is easily seen as she tries to escape his hands. In the end, she is exactly where she loves to be, which is below him and suffering.
Titel Hogtied: She Is Back To Suffer For The Pope
Studio Kink.com
Kategorie Domination, Gonzo
Darsteller Roxanne Rae, The Pope
Laufzeit (Min.) 58
Sprache Englisch
Bonusmaterial Slideshows
Anzahl Discs 1
Versandfertig in 3 - 4 Wochen
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